Creating a Trust Can Protect Your Assets

Meet with our probate attorney in Newburgh, NY

Whether you're putting together a plan of action for your own estate or dealing with a loved one's belongings after they pass, speaking with a probate attorney is a good choice. Murphy, Schisano & Rosado wants to help you understand and navigate probate, working with clients throughout Newburgh, NY and surrounding areas.

Partnering with a probate attorney can help you better understand what's ahead and approach it with confidence. Get in touch with our attorney for more information.

3 ways we can help you plan ahead

Creating a concrete, legally binding plan for your assets and estate is crucial, especially if you have something specific in mind.

Our estate planning attorney can help you...

  1. Draft a will to protect all of your assets
  2. Put together a trust to avoid probate delays
  3. Choose a power of attorney
If you're ready to create a plan to safeguard your assets, you'll want to speak with an experienced estate planning attorney. Call 845-562-1515 now to schedule your free consultation.

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