Working with Rich and Victoria has been a top notch experience. They are both extremely knowledgeable, thorough and truly care for clients best interests. Highly recommend.

Agnes Bolton

Would definitely recommend this place for any business/personal law needs.

TaQuan Lewis

We wanted to thank you for your assistance during the house buying process. You were very communicative, attentive and responsive the whole time. It was easy to work with you and you were great at keeping this thing moving fast for us.

Cory and Nicole

I would like to thank the law firm of Murphy & Schisano for the job they did on my chapter 13 bankruptcy. Myself and my husband met with Mr. Schisano and explained to him our financial position. Mr. Schisano gave us a few options but recommended a loan modification through bankruptcy court along with a procedure which get rid of our second mortgage and a third procedure to remove a judgment against our house. This seemed too good to be true but it did happen. In only a few short weeks the payment on our mortgage was reduced by about $250 per month and our second mortgage was voided and reclassified. On top of this a judgment held by Ford Credit was removed a lien against our house. Both myself and my husband are extremely grateful to Mr. Schisano and would recommend his services to all.

R.M. / Newburgh NY

I was arrested and charged with DWI in Orange County, NY. In my entire life, I had never before even received a traffic summons never mind being arrested, placed in handcuffs and taken to a police station.

I was distraught, could not sleep and deeply concerned for my job and my future. My friend recommended I call the Law Firm of Thomas J. Murphy and make an appointment. I called their office, sick with worry, and was able to get an appointment that same day. I met with Tom Murphy. He interviewed me, inquiring as to my driving history and type of employment. Tom Murphy explained to me that he needed this information as the consequences of DWI do not stop with just your driver's license. After taking information with regards to who I am, he interviewed me about the circumstances of my arrest. Starting with all my activities the 12 hours prior to my arrest, he was thorough, interested and professional. After getting all the facts surrounding this incident, he reviewed all the paperwork and then gave me an honest, accurate evaluation of my case including possible defenses and outcomes.

My case was resolved successfully, expeditiously and in a professional manner. I was able to retain my license, keep my job, and manage my daily affairs.
I could never have made it through this "nightmare" without the expertise and guidance I received from Thomas J. Murphy.

Dan H.

Orange County

When I first received my liquor license application, I was overwhelmed and stressed trying to figure out the process of putting the information together in the forms that they required, determining what type of documents I would have to submit to verify my application, and the sequencing of all these events.

Once I retained Attorney Richard Schisano, I was impressed with the way he took charge and gave me a clear and concise explanation of the procedures. He gave me a list of documents that I would need to provide and laid out each step we would follow.

Thereafter, Mr. Schisano assembled and reviewed the documents. Prior to submitting them to the State Liquor Authority, he verified that they were complete and accurate. Richard Schisano was organized, diligent and obviously very knowledgeable. Throughout the process, he explained the whys and wherefores of dealing with State authorities. He explained the issues in a clear and concise manner that was easy to understand.

Additionally, because I had hired Attorney Schisano to prepare and file my application, he, as an attorney, was able to certify the information to the State Liquor Authority. The attorney's certification substantially shortened the time from application to receipt of my license. He explained to me that, if an attorney certifies the application, the Board does not have to independently verify the information and it goes directly to the Board for review and approval. As I said, this saved me months in my application process, allowing me to open my restaurant and start doing business in a very short period of time.

I would recommend Attorney Richard Schisano to any business person who needs to apply for a liquor license or for any other matters before the State Liquor Board. He is a diligent, knowledgeable, motivated attorney; I recommend him without reservation.

Don S.

Dutchess County

I worked with Mr. Richard Schisano in acquiring my SLA approval. From the initial meeting till the end, he was always on top of his work. He made sure we were taking the right steps and in a timely way. I never had to chase him to finish my work and was able to ask questions and get answers right away. He is capable of completing in-depth legal research writing with clarity and persuasiveness. He also understands that it is necessary to pay attention to details and has consistently exhibited such ability. I would work with Mr. Schisano in the future and will recommended all business owners of his services.

Rinny P.

Orange County

I highly recommend Richard and his team if you are considering bankruptcy. I was super nervous going into this situation and scared like many others out their if you are in a difficult financial situation. After my first phone call with Richard he completely calmed me down and explained the process which put my mind at ease. I feel so much better after moving forward with the bankruptcy process and I have Richard and his team to thank for this piece of mind. If you have questions regarding some financial hardships give him a call. Very fair and reasonable and he is extremely responsive. 5 Stars without a doubt. Thank you Richard.



Giselle and her real estate team are excellent. I recently bought my house in the Hudson Valley, and it was the best attorney client experience I've ever had. Definitely recommend to everyone looking to buy a house. 10/10



I never heard of a firm that responds to questions about a case like this one! Instant responses instead of three days in between emails or phone calls!
Very affordable and professional service.



If you have found yourself in a situation where you are considering bankruptcy don't hesitate to call Richard Schisano for a consultation. Richard and Victoria are straight forward professionals. Thank you

Matt Becker.


I called many other firms,and then found this one. I am very pleased with the outcome,Richard & Victoria were Fantastic! Affordable & No nonsense,from start to finish. Don't waste your time calling other firms,The Best is right here.

Joseph Demske


Since I was very nervous about bankruptcy I interviewed many attorneys - Mr. Schisano we by far the most knowledgeable and compassionate of them all - he explained the entire process - I am very happy I chose this firm - they lifted a large weight off my shoulders - highly recommended

Melissa Heins.


My bankruptcy case was handled in a very professional manner. Mr Schisano was knowledgeable and answered all of my questions. Highly recommend this firm.

Ryan DeStefano


Would definitely recommend this place for any business/personal law needs.

Taquan Lewis


Working with Rich and Victoria, on several occasions has been a top notch experience. They are both extremely knowledgeable, thorough and truly care for clients best interests. Highly recommend.

Ann-Margaret Bolton


I am so grateful that I found this practice. Going through bankruptcy at 31 with two daughters was very scary but Richard Schisano made the process easy and stress free. Great practice and I highly recommend.

Kay Love


Richard Schisano was recommended to me for chapter 13 by a friend. I can't begin to tell you how happy my husband and I are with our decision. Richard is personable, his staff welcoming and efficient. Time spent was never wasted and I left always feeling confident that the job would be handled with care. Thank you Richard and team!

Theresa Brown


I cant even tell you how wonderful and amazing Richard is along with Victoria and all the other staff over at Murphy Schisano and Rosato are. They literally saved myself and my family from exteem heartache. I cant even say enough about them. I tell you this dont even waste you time or money going to anyone else. They truly do care about you. If I could give 10 stars i would.

Frank Lubrano


Sold commercial property and got lease through Ms. Rosado. It was best experience with any professional I ever had. Excellent and most highly recommended.

Chris ha


Richard Schisano and paralegal Victoria were both thoughtful and considerate while representing me throughout my legal journey, and to me, that is equally important as their high level business acumen. Their team was highly recommended to me and I absolutely recommend them to you! Professionals with a heart, a true gem of a find when searching for the right attorney.

Laura Vreeland


All of the folks who work here are friendly, helpful, respectful and polite. Esq. Schisano, always answers my questions with skillful knowledge and if he isn't sure of an answer, he will research it to ensure you are getting the correct information. His assistance is a delight to work with, and always easy to get in touch with when I needed help with things involved my affairs. Thank you for making my experience of these matters in my life, an easy road to manage.

Michele Dessormeau


Just got off the phone with Victoria, and would love to share a positive experience. Victoria was very patient with helping me in an issue her firm could not take on because I live in California. She gave me some legal advice and directed me to a solution in California. It's nice to see effort from a business when there can be no profit!!!!

Marissa Nicole


Excellent service!! I would recommend this office to anyone who needs help. Rich and Victoria went above and beyond in helping my husband and I. Victoria would always make sure that she would keep me up to date in all matters. Excellent communication!! Thank you so much for all your help!!

Amy Modeste


Rich Schisano was the Best! My husband and I were truly happy with the service that we received. We were walked thru each step with patience and knowledge and the process was made as easy as possible. Thank you to Murphy, Schisano and Rosado. We highly recommend this firm.

Peg Canniff